McGraw University has always been developing courses and degree programs to suit the needs of the students as well as the employers in the market. Be it Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s level program, McGraw University has the faculty, experiences and resources to provide online education through its online degree programs. Our Programs have been devised to give you quick returns on the money spent in attaining your degree by helping you get placed in the top notch companies in the world.

Keeping in mind what appeals to you the most, you may select your requisite degree program from the list given below. There are dozens of options for those who are looking forward to find the online program that is right for them.

Degree Programs

With over 16 schools and a range of diverse majors, McGraw University offers a range of online degree programs that can help you earn the same reputation as that of a working professional who has graduated from a traditional school. You can choose from:

Certificates Program

Our certificate programs will guide towards solving technical and practical issues in the work place and help you gain the edge through a comprehensive online certificate program that is respected globally. The Certificate programs offered at McGraw University fall into two major categories:

Diploma Programs

The Online Diploma Programs at McGraw University will allow you to have an edge over your co workers with an added qualification as well as help you to acquire additional skills required to perform your duties as an effective manager. The Diploma programs at McGraw University are offered within two major categories:

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Credit Transfer

If you have already studied some courses of university degree and have its transcript, we will accept the credit hours of those courses and reduce the equivalent from your program. So you won't have to study that course again. This will reduce both your tuition and time required to complete your education. Read more


Prior Learning
You can get credits for your prior learning. If you have strong command in some courses (through your work experience, prior knowledge or trainings, etc.) you can get their credits! So you won't have to study that course and both your tuition and time required will be reduced.