Our long established courses and reputation allows us to foster learning and development in student thereby establish our commitment to delivering quality education to thousands of students across the globe.

The testimony to our quality teaching and communication is a testimony to why students from all across the globe consider it to be their first choice.

Student Testimonials

Latest at McGraw University

McGraw University grants scholarships worth $2 million through online classrooms

McGraw University disbursed scholarships worth millions in order to make education affordable for students who wish to continue online
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McGraw University causes a stir through its online library - CNN Report

With better search tools and facilties for online education, the new online library at McGraw University has been something that online universities shall envy
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McGraw Announces Educational Partnership with Top Academics from Ivy League

McGraw University is partnering with some of the top online educational partners in order to boost the online academic experience
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As many as 1024 students enroll in McGraw University programs for summer

With a burgoening profile and online credentials, McGraw University has been able to attract thousands of students to its online education programs this year.
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Student Testimonials
  • Considering the travel demands of my job, and the impracticality of studying full time, I graviatated towards McGraw for its long established distance learning program, the internationla reputation for its quality and the high level of professional skill within its student body.

    I am absolutely amazed by the calibre of my fellow participants; the wealth of experience and knowledge that it brings is truly impressive and facilitates rich dialogue. The ability to interat with such intelligent people with similar interest is refreshing and makes learning fun.

    Kevin Lee

  • I couldn't afford to be away from family and work so the online distance learning program at McGraw University fits perfectly for me. it gives me the academic education that I was looking for while allowing me to continue working and being with my family. The flexible program content offers an amazing broad range of possibilities.

    I came to the McGraw University from a different academic area and country with a different educational system, so this was my first online academic experience. The workload is extremely demanding, so time management is, by necessity, another valuable skill that I've gained. I have found McGraw University a great experience in every aspect.

    Ibkunoluwa Ibitoye

  • All the online study modules in the McGraw University academic program allowed me to study whilst working and flying frequently abroad. I was able to turn knowledge into skills immediately into skills immediately as I could use my newly acquired knowledge on the job, after the completion of a module.

    Besides, all of the modules were not just different in their content and structure, but included a fair amount of professionalism, featuring lectures, group work and guest speakers who used to give first hand practical knowledge. Being together with them and learning from one another was an integral part of the process and was great fun.

    Brian Owen

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Credit Transfer

If you have already studied some courses of university degree and have its transcript, we will accept the credit hours of those courses and reduce the equivalent from your program. So you won't have to study that course again. This will reduce both your tuition and time required to complete your education. Read more


Prior Learning
You can get credits for your prior learning. If you have strong command in some courses (through your work experience, prior knowledge or trainings, etc.) you can get their credits! So you won't have to study that course and both your tuition and time required will be reduced.